Italian Monk's Beard or Agretti

Monk’s Beard/Agretti is fabulous seasonal green vegetable.Originally from Tuscany.Relatively unknown,becoming more and more popular. The taste similar to chard,slightly bitter,succulent and moist. Great just lightly seamed and served with lemon and olive oil or butter. Delicious with any sea food!


Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb

Yorkshire forced rhubarb is known for its delicate flavour and striking crimson stalks, but it is a fragile crop with few growers left. 

Unlike outdoor varieties, forced roots are grown in fields for two years, where they store energy and are moved into forcing sheds after November frosts. 

They are then grown in complete darkness and harvested by candlelight, to avoid photosynthesis turning them green and tough


Brassica season in full swing!

Winter is very generous with all sorts of cabbages. There are so many different shapes,colours and textures around.

These vegetables are packed with antioxidants.Rich of vitamins C, Folic Acid.Full of minerals such as iron, selenium and potassium.