Visiting Sicilian Growers 

Visiting Sicilian Growers 


Since Spring 2014, at our railway arch in Bermondsey, we have been serving food lovers from across London.  Prior to this, Elena worked from 2003 at Borough Market, and later in Druid Street, Bermondsey, with the legendary Tony Booth, who for decades supplied many of London’s top chefs including  Jeremy Lee, Jamie Oliver, Mark Hix, Gordon Ramsey and many others. Andrei also spent 3 years with Tony Booth fulfilling orders for the most demanding of London’s chefs.  Our knowledge of the fruit and veg business is extensive and hands-on. 

Our focus is in sourcing specialist produce, primarly from England, Italy and France.  As we are a small company, we can work with smaller growers and producers.  To date we have established particularly good links for this in the UK and in Italy from where we source beautiful Sicilian citrus.  This means better quality produce, grown naturally with minimal use of pesticides or chemicals.  It gives us a great opportunity to offer our customers amazing fresh produce full of flavour at realistic prices.

We care about fruit and vegetables and how they are produced.  We are committed not only to sourcing the best, seasonal produce but also to ensuring we think and act ethically and sustainably in all that we do.  At every point along the way, from working directly with growers wherever possible, transporting, and supplying our customers, we continually look to improve.  We operate a minimum waste policy, which is supported by our ingredient-led wholesale customers.  This helps us to not order more than we need.  Anything that is left from our Saturday retail is turned into Preserves and Ferments or given to schools and charities.


Wholesale for ingredient-led customers

We supply ingredient-led London chefs, jam makers, bakeries  and discerning food shops with top quality fruit and vegetables.  Our wholesale customers, who understand seasonality and share our values, support our minimum waste policy.  Buying significant volume on a weekly basis aligned to when produce arrives, they free us from wasteful ‘cold storage and logistics’ based activities.                                                                         Please get in touch to discuss your fruit and veg needs.


Retail sales in Bermondsey for London food lovers

Since our opening in Spring 2014 food lovers from all over London have been coming to our railway arch in Bermondsey to stock up on fruit and vegetables.  We love to see them every Saturday and value our loyal community of customers who inspire us and help shape our business.


Our friendly team can advise on how to store, prepare and serve anything from the basics to the highly seasonal specials.  Every week we take to Twitter, Instagram and email to keep our customers informed, so please make sure to follow us or subscribe to our email list for up to date information.  

Come and see us.  Our core retail hours are every Saturday 09:00-14:00.